1. Steja says:

    Hi I would like to do a huge squishy review on my YouTube channel,it would be an honor to do a squishy review and tell people to go and visit your website??

  2. celia says:

    i want that package

  3. Brianna says:

    I wish I could do a review package I love the website so much! It is my squishy anniversary haha lol

  4. Is there anyway I could do a review on these squishes! Plus being able to show off these squishes would certainly be meaningful to me and your shop! My channel on YouTube is TaylorSkyNicole, where I would love to review this package!!

  5. Denyia Haymon says:

    I would love to review for you I have two videos on my channel about wanting in a review package I even put your website in the description I hope you see this and hopefully s me ,Emma review package I also want one becaus my niece loves squishes and I would love it o give her some formchristmas hope you answer this

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