6 thoughts on “Creamiicandy big packages!”

  1. hi,. my order was 6537 and i was missing a squishy.. can you please send it if its possible because i was really looking forward getting
    … it was a mini panda bun

    1. oh and btw thanks for putting my video here… my 6537 video package could you also put it here because it was creamiicandy big package too

  2. hi I am Raquil and I really like your store. I enjoy seeing what squishies you have.

  3. I am brand new to this website and I just ordered 2 hello kitty burgers and I am suuuuuper excited for the package! This is an awesome website and I hope I can get more squishies.

  4. This is my 2nd package from creamiicandy that will arrive! I am awaiting anxiously for it to come! Creamiicandy is an amazing squishy website! BTW awesome package!

  5. If i got one in the mail as a suprise or something i would be the luckiest girl on the whole earth. If i got it for free my parent wouldn’t even care. Since they don’t allow me to get squishies . this package would help alot. Creamiicandy can u please send me this for free. I would explode if i did u would be the best.

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