About Us

Joel Wu Trading as Creamiicandy- ABN: 95 693 571 856

Colorful, bright, cute and happy! This defines the essence of our shop, Creamiicandy.com. Adorable gift ideas and cute things for you that make you and your loved ones smile.

Creamiicandy brings you a shop full of cute, food like, scented accessories, squishy things, gifts, jewelry, stationery, charms , candy kits, japanese inspired stuff and more!

We are located in Australia and we welcome WORLDWIDE customers !

Our goodies look, feel and even sometimes smell like real food but are NOT edible. If you feel hungry, then check out the “I’m Hungry” menu where you can create kawaii mini food that are actually edible.

We also offer many cute sets, where you can get a bunch of  goodies for a huge discount. You will love Yummiibear’s CHEF SURPRISE where you get ten random goodies and save over $15!!